Safety Packs

Safety Packs
Have you ever drifted out of site and sound of your dive boat in a swell? Its not hard to do at a 5 minute/5 meter safety stop in strong currents....

This is one of the very reason our NZ patented safety packs have been designed. This pack, as a tool, covers the very basics of divers safety whilst floating on the surface of the ocean. No scuba diver, jet skier or ocean kayak-er should be without a NZ Divers 2002 Ltd. Safety Pack.

Our pack is designed to keep the enclosed safety sausage safe from puncture while also allowing a cold diver's fingers to immediately access safety sausage inside.

Whats a safety sausage??? - 100 micron thick, marine safety orange (color), 275mm x 2150mm, LD plastic tube, sealed on one end! That is it. Its not very high tech, but it WORKS WELL...
NZ$ 25.00

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