Life Time Guarantee

We offer a Life Time Guarantee on the Action of our Seaka Catch Bags:

If for any reason the action of our catch bag binds up  to a point that it can't be used properly, the spring/tag is slipping on one of the three activator punches or should any of the two spot welds break, I guarantee to replace or repair that catch bag at my discresion (for the life of the catch bag)  under the following conditions: 

1.  Catch Bag is posted by owner  to: 

NZ Divers 2002 Ltd.  132 Flux Rd. Upper Hutt - New Zealand with a proof of purchase.  Full contact and delivery details (name, phone number, email  and return delivery courier tag must be included)  

2.  If the Catch Bag is  damaged by any means such as: being run over by concrete truck, ripped apart by a great white shark, caught up in the prop of a boat and or neglected and not maintained (see catch bag maintenance web page)  which in turn has a direct effect on the action of frame,  we will not guarantee under these circumstances. 

3.  This warrenty is valid for all catch bags with our tag sewn on the inside of the bag or all Seaka screened catch bags that have  screened on them.   

NOTE:  Due to the enviroment that these catch bags live in,  we do not guarantee sewing and or fabric materials.   However, if you would like a new bag or springs put on your frame we are able to do this.  Please do not  hesitate to Contact Us with your questions.   


And I wish you happy hunting with your Made In New Zealand

NZ Divers 2002 Ltd.  Seaka Catch Bag



Returns Policy

Would you like to return your credit card purchases  for a full refund?   I offer a 14 day money back guarantee under the following conditions: 

1.  Product has not been used and is in the same condition as when it left my factory. 

2.  Product is returned within 14 days of invoice date.

Note:  If you meet the requirements above and you would like to return your credit card purchase

please post your returns to: NZ Divers 2002 Ltd  132 Flux Rd. Upper Hutt - New Zealand 

for a full refund...










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